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Vaginal Dryness

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If you feel embarrassed to talk about vaginal dryness with your doctor, you should know that it’s a common symptom of menopause and several other conditions. Greensboro OB-GYN Associates in Greensboro, North Carolina, offers effective solutions to vaginal dryness, including MonaLisa Touch® therapy, with no downtime or serious side effects. Take a step to restore your confidence and intimate enjoyment today. Call or schedule a consultation online with the practice.

Vaginal Dryness Q & A

What is vaginal dryness?

Vaginal dryness is primarily caused by a loss of estrogen, a female hormone. As your estrogen levels drop, your vaginal tissue loses lubrication and elasticity, and the lining of your vagina becomes thinner and dryer. These changes can affect your self-confidence and your enjoyment of sex.  

Vaginal dryness usually happens during the run-up to menopause or during menopause. These are times of lasting and significant changes in your hormone levels.

Although it’s less common, you may experience vaginal dryness at other times and with certain health conditions. Other potential causes include:

  • Breastfeeding
  • Diabetes
  • Oophorectomy (ovary removal surgery)
  • Sjogren's syndrome (an autoimmune disorder)
  • Cancer treatment, including hormone therapy and chemotherapy

Taking allergy medications and practices like douching may also cause vaginal dryness.

How is vaginal dryness diagnosed?

At Greensboro OB-GYN Associates, you can expect your doctor to take a complete medical history and perform a physical exam, including a pelvic exam. This exam allows your doctor to see if your tissues are thin and dry.

In certain cases, your doctor may recommend a blood test to check your hormone levels. Blood tests also help rule out other medical issues that cause vaginal dryness.

How is vaginal dryness treated?

Generally, over-the-counter non-hormonal lubricants can provide temporary relief from vaginal dryness and painful sex that may occur during menopause. You can use lubricants each time you have sex, and vaginal moisturizers every 2-3 days as needed.

If you’d like a more lasting solution, Greensboro OB-GYN Associates offers MonaLisa Touch to restore vaginal lubrication. This FDA-approved therapy uses laser energy to:

  • Remove dry tissues
  • Increase vaginal moisture
  • Stimulate the production of new collagen
  • Restore elasticity in your vagina canal

The treatment restores natural lubrication without hormones, downtime, or serious side effects.

What should I expect during MonaLisa Touch?

Your doctor performs MonaLisa Touch therapy in a series of sessions in the convenience of Greensboro OB-GYN Associates’ offices. The treatment lasts fewer than five minutes, with your sessions generally staggered six weeks apart.

During your procedure, your doctor inserts a small probe into your vagina. The device delivers gentle laser energy, removing dry tissue and stimulating collagen production.

You won’t need anesthesia for your treatment. Your side effects are usually minimal, such as spotting or discharge. You’ll need to avoid sex for 2-3 days to allow healing.

If you’re experiencing vaginal dryness, there’s no need to suffer in silence. Call Greensboro OB-GYN Associates or schedule a consultation online.